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Revolutionalising the world’s second-hand phone market.

PhoneScore is a phone diagnostic app which is set to revolutionise the worlds second hand phone market. The app runs various tests like Hardware, Speakers, Sensors, Touchscreen etc. and generates a unique verification certificate for buyers and sellers of used phones within minutes.

The client was clear about the functionality of the application. The summary of documents and roadmap planning was ready for us to refer to. We were highly inspired by the idea itself and chose a design that evokes both color and other elements across the application.
We enjoyed playing a key role of UI designers to the PhoneScore’s development team, diving deep into their technical challenges, and making sure we build outstanding UI for one of the most ambitious projects we have ever been involved in.

The basic version of the application was rolled out within a few months, and in parallel with the launch, we have been continuously involved in building UI for additional features. We have also created their exclusive branding and designed UI components for the website.

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